Only a few weeks after the Start of teen-App “tbh is bought” from Facebook for a lot of money

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The news hit a few days ago, like a bomb. It was reported that Facebook has purchased the App tbh (“To be Honest)” for a high two-digit million amount. Why surprised this message, finally Facebook buys constantly new companies? But in this case, a small StartUp has seemingly written in a few weeks a “new fairy tale”. Because not until the summer of 2017, the tbh App on the market. It only works on Apple devices and is not even universally available in the US, let alone in the Rest of the world.

Nevertheless, the App has been downloaded more than five million Times. In terms of the number of Downloads of the App, ahead of the end of September, competitors such as Instagram, Whatsapp and co. More than 2.5 million, primarily young people use the App daily. And more than 1 billion interactions were able to be counted. These Figures, Facebook made it noisy. And since Facebook was still missing a young, hip App in the Portfolio, has bought the company behind this fast, before the purchase would be to expensive or an other competitor on the idea.

What makes the App so appealing to users? With it, you can send compliments anonymously to other users in the contact list. The most Important thing: There are only closed questions. This should ensure (in contrast to some other similar Apps) that only positive messages are sent, there is no possibility that the App for Cyber-bullying is used. And just so that tbh is different from many similar Apps. A good example of how the “cogs” just a tad more was filmed, and the success set.

In contrast to other acquisitions of Facebook the creators are not to be left behind this App alone, but as a Facebook-close the Facebook cosmos are involved. Because the challenges are large, so that the number of App Downloads continues to be high. This must not be the only way to ensure that, wherever possible, not only in the USA, all App users can access. It must also be new features incorporated, without destroying the “core of the idea”. A new idea is that the people who have to receive a compliment, be able to send the anonymous sender of a message. This then has the opportunity to divulge his identity.

At first glance, everything sounds like a modern fairy tale. There are four young people have a good idea, bring the App to the market, the App blows up in a few weeks, almost all of the charts, the company behind it will then be bought immediately for a lot of money from Facebook, the inventors are overnight multi-millionaires and are able to develop with a great team of experts your App. BUT: In the reporting of this modern fairy tale is almost always not mentioned is that the company behind the tbh App, the company Midnight Labs, already seven years old. The founders have already used many Apps on the market (financial App, personality test App, Chat App, etc). But it is only now that the breakthrough came.

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