New business: subtlety + review 7 ideas

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To become an entrepreneur is an important decision in everyone’s life. You step on the risky way of investing, because you should be well prepared and to select the type of activity that can bring the highest return.
New business little-tested, therefore they have high potential. We will review new products and give advice on how to choose a business that suits you.
How to select idea for a business?

There are initial capital and desire, but the choice of the business process is stalled. Why?
The market is saturated with lots of ideas both worthwhile, and a complete phony. The Internet offers thousands of options for how to get rich, but the question is, what information is true and what is not worth attention at all.
According to statistics, 85% of new organizations and businesses are closed after working for 1-2 years, and in most cases due to the bankruptcy of his business. Those who overcome this barrier, will be able to consolidate positions and become truly successful entrepreneurs.
1. The rules of selection.
To consider all the details – the main rule which should be adopted in any type of business. In the event of emergency situations, having a clear plan, you will need to handle the situation and overcome difficulties at work of any nature.
As necessary to carry out the selection of business:
define a new kind of business where the competition is not so high and have the opportunity to win the market;
explore the selected direction and decide what kind of business is successful not only in the moment of your opening, but in the long run;
make a very detailed business plan that takes into account the largest possible amount of risk work;
pay attention to the monetary side of the issue, which is reflected in the financial section of your business plan.
The ideal solution would be to conduct market research services.
Independently perform such an operation problematic, so if you allow the financial capabilities, hire professionals. A professional team will analyze the market you are interested in the niche and offer the best options for new business ideas.
2. Selection criteria.

Sit down and think – what kind of things you are willing to devote personal time is not to the detriment of the interest? Any kind of business without proper attention and interest of the owner will not be able to become truly successful, no matter how many customers he had.
In choosing the business use criteria:
initial investment;
the level of competition in the market;
you wonder how this work;
how much market customers needs in your business.
Compare selected idea with market demand. If you like Hiking, this is not to say that this kind of business will become popular in your community.
Ideally, a hobby that map to work, must be on a competitive level. But to achieve this is not always possible, because the need sometimes to make concessions in favor of the financial attractiveness of the business.
Factors influencing the choice of business
Every business, both new and time-tested, has a risky side. To foresee all the outcomes are impossible. You can only best protect himself at the expense of risk management, but 100% security is still not achieved.
What factors are most important in making decisions about the business?
Factor 1. Capital.
The entrepreneur should know the exact amount of cash that he is willing to invest in new business. If the 1000-2000$, you should not rely on such businesses as construction or large-scale production.
The grandeur of plans directly depends on the amount of money required for their implementation. To climb into the pit credit is not the best solution, especially for beginners in this case. If possible it is better to borrow from friends or relatives, if this is an option. They will be able to shift the terms of repayment, but the Bank is not.
Factor 2. Competition.
The higher the demand for the product/service, the steeper the competition. It is because new business is very promising in this respect. The saturation of the market puts the business in difficult conditions, which entails financial losses, sometimes in especially large sizes.
To protect yourself from such a scenario is possible – enough to pay attention to new business ideas that will be able to find a sufficient flow of customers in your market.
Factor 3. Demand.
The ability to create abstract sculptures of high quality can be a good source of income, but what is the use if the products will not be in demand? Such examples can cause a lot. Always pay attention to demand.

Permanent popular food, real estate and other General consumption goods.

Give preference to such kinds of business where due to the flexibility of the structure can change the direction of production. This approach will help you to find the way out even from hopeless situations.

The path of the entrepreneur is difficult and thorny. Not every job can pay off in full. The main thing – just don’t give up, and strive to new heights, because, as we know, experience is invaluable.
New business: review of the Top destinations
How to choose a business we understand, and now I would like to introduce you to new types of business and explain how they will make you a successful entrepreneur.

Please note that the choice of activity does not take into account the peculiarities of the market of goods/services, because we tried to weed out those types of business ideas, which will not be in demand from a wide audience.

TOP 3 new business without large investments
Well, when there is an initial capital, but what to do if you have the desire to do business? To go in terms of investing without the actual investment is very problematic. The owner will be able to see much later than in the case of a direct investment.
Mean business without investment:
you are not required to purchase/rent additional equipment;
selling of goods to customer occurs, bypassing the purchase of products from the supplier (because, for example, silver);
for promotion and other marketing services are used free methods of advertising;
have the opportunity to become a partner in the business without a direct investment;
the entrepreneur receives money for the business through loans or the loans.
For the most accelerated growth after first profit reinvest funds back into the business to speed up promotion of any kind of business and will provide an opportunity to improve its profitability significantly.
3rd place – kindergarten at home.

Organization type of business: free of charge (if you are the owner of the premises).Payback period of business: from the 1st of the month.
“All best — to children!”. That is why this kind of business is guaranteed to be in demand. State institutions do not always offer the best sanitary and hygienic conditions, because many parents have moved to private facilities in terms of childcare.
This area is relatively new and has not yet gained widespread popularity. The business related to the private kindergartens at home, can be found only in major cities of our state. This means that the level of competition is quite capable beginner.
What are the options for providing services to the client:
children only during daytime (from 8 to 12 hours);
service short-term stay.
Every species is obliged to provide all the services that are available and in regular kindergarten + to add to the list of new proposals.
If you plan to start small, it is possible to refuse additional staff, but the presence of a certified teacher in the number of workers obviously would not hurt.
Scheme of work business:
Step 1.
To prepare the premises for work with children.
For example, it is possible to change the layout or to make a cosmetic repair of some rooms for future customers.
Step 2.
To do advertising services. New business not yet have enough momentum, will require a small number of clients – group a 3-4 of the child is enough.
A couple of months will give you to understand, whether it is the right direction to develop further.
Step 3.
The process of work. To look after children is not always easy, especially for the young.
If something will not work, the correct solution would be to hire 1 person for supervision.
Step 4.

The income from the business.
Average cost 4000-5000 rubles for the care of one child. First, it is a good idea.
If you wish, and opportunities will be best solution to introduce a price list for customers with additional services, such as tutoring or help in preparing for school.
If you feel a potential to develop further in this direction, expanding the scope of activities, should consider registration and licensing of businesses at the legislative level.
2nd place – Business quests.

Organization type of business: from 10 000 rubles.Return business: 1-2 months.
A technological breakthrough allowed us to create many new businesses and jobs. But, along with that permanent sedentary lifestyle negative display on the health condition of people.
Carrying out quests is a new kind of services, active day, aimed at addressing this problem. With such classes it is possible to make a profitable business.
Quest objectives:
team building;
review sites on the places;
conducting advertising through its non-Intrusive implementation, as part of the quest (free lunch during a break in the cafe sponsors, and so on);
charge of positive emotions;
The greatest demand for such services are segments of the population without financial problems in the age interval 20-30 years.
Corporate party continued in the quest style will help to bring together team members and to improve the level of understanding among employees.
What will it take to receive clients:
The room
This kind of business is best to develop in 2 areas: outdoors and indoors.
In this case, you will always have a safety net in the event of any damaged weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
For city quest, this cost is minimal and tends to 0.
When you implement the ideas in the room will need to create the right atmosphere with decorations and think for the customers a quality script.
To organize such kind of business forces team of 3-4 people. Each will have its own area of work, and with the right approach, spending on additional personnel would be required.
If in the group there will be people with experience of such events, will still have to hire the services of professionals.
Enough to pass the standard procedure of registration FE.
Quests in the urban turmoil may have the risk of customer injuries. Don’t forget to conduct thorough coaching, and consider how to protect themselves from lawsuits in the event of mishaps.
The best solution to this nuance is the access to the services of a lawyer.
The question for marketing is also very important. Worth thorough approach to promote new business among potential customers.
For this purpose, the city will do the advertising on billboards and in places of a congestion of youth. In the initial stages of business development, use of promotional offers and bonuses is create your business name and increase popularity in a very short time.
How to organize quest in this new for Russia type of business:
Step 1.
To gain 2-3 teams of 5 people maximum.
Step 2.
If it is a city quest, to consider well the breadcrumb trail so that customers do not intersect and do not interfere with each other.
For the quest room you just need to allocate teams to rooms and to give the job.
Step 3.
To familiarize the players with conditions and issue an initial task to each client.
In the process of passing participants will receive new tasks in the checkpoints until the finish.
Step 4.
To summarize the passage and to reward participants.
The structure of tasks, type of quest, the route – all this flight of fancy and part of the work of the organizers. To this kind of business was successful, try to use individual approach in providing services to each client.
Prices depend on demand: if the type of business new on the market and no competition, take in an average of 400-600 roubles from the client.
Given the cost of advertising, taxes and salaries of employees (about 40 000 roubles/month will go to pay for the work), net profit will be from 30 000 to 40 000 rubles per month, which is pretty good for this kind of business.
1 place — hire someone else’s house.

Organization type of business: from 40 000 rubles.Return business: 1-2 months.
In large cities the majority of immigrants in search of work or rest intend to rent a house at the best price. For 90% of the settlements, the demand for rental service always exceeds supply because enterprising businessmen have found a new type of business in the field of rental of residential premises.
To rent an apartment and make a profit – cushy job and income in the face. There is only one problem – once the apartment is not for everyone. To solve this question they had found a new approach to work.
Its essence is to rent a property at a low price and deliver it to sublease to other customers, gaining profit from the difference in price. This kind of business is particularly relevant in resort towns and popular holiday destinations.
How does this kind of business:

The selection of suitable housing.
Consider aspects such as distance from transport hubs and places of rest, if it is a resort.
The cost of the service depends on many factors, to consider in advance the strategy and pricing policy of the business.

Objectively evaluate the pros and cons of the demised premises.
Not superfluous to consult with a specialist in real estate and to obtain the most accurate data related to the object.

Sign a rental agreement.
The usual contract is not suitable for such a case. Contact your lawyer and make a document that will be able to protect you from premature rupture of the transaction from the lending of physical persons.
Take care of the presence of the item “renting a sublet”, otherwise the likelihood is high that the owner, after seeing the success of this type of business, want to assign it to yourself.
Spend redecorating the premises and doukomplektovat the necessary amount of furniture based on client 2-3 in 1 room.
Get is services – suitable Internet sites, newspaper ads and other marketing moves.
Sublease of premises type of business, available to almost everyone. The size of the initial investment is quite real issue as a loan at moderate interest. Due to the high rates of return business you will be able in a short time to repay the debt and get out “in profit”.
The advantages of sublease:

Full control over the business.
How to distribute the number of new places in each room to you to decide.
Choosing the best possible option, you will force the business to bring the maximum profit.

Savings on investment.
To get started in this business enough to rent an apartment with monthly payment + Deposit will be required (done in conjunction with the first rent).

Cheaper than a mortgage.
Thoughts can slip that to arrange a mortgage for the purchase of housing will be more profitable than just to pay the rent. But this option is very risky.
When you rent you can at any time to turn and to move and buy real estate will tie you to one place + will drive into debt, if the work does not progress as it should.
Rent can be almost any real estate, not paying attention to the type of property and other additional conditions.
Sublease of real estate opens new horizons in the field of business. Quick payback and financial attractiveness in General brought this kind of business leaders over the last year.
7 original ideas for business
you will find in this video:

4 new businesses with high potential
The business can be called successful only after his return and bringing a stable income for several years. A lot of the niches already taken, because to find something new and worthwhile is very difficult.
We offer you a new business idea that with proper planning the activities can generate a steady income for years.
4th place — Online tourism.

Price: 4 000 000.ROI: 12-13 months.
The modern pace of life does not always allow to fully enjoy the rest, because we developed a new promising kind of business, to assist in obtaining positive emotions – tourism-online.
Equipment for work:
powerful network server that will broadcast uninterrupted views to the client on the thousands of distance;
from 5 to 10 GoPro cameras;
glasses of augmented reality;
repeaters that will transfer pictures to the client in the online mode;
appropriate quality technical equipment (new computers, servers, and so on).
The better hardware, the better the result, and hence the popularity of the new business. The client is to be connected to the Internet to enjoy online broadcasts in real time.
The scheme of work is new for the CIS business:
Step 1.
Invite the client to the point of broadcast or included in a price list sale of additional equipment.
In the second case, augmented reality glasses make the client as purchase and deliver convenient way.
Step 2.
Equip representative directly involved in the work, the journey.
Helmet camera, new sensors and communication with the center – core set required for the implementation of ideas.
Possible option of combining broadcast and voice guidance guide, which you can use to increase the effect of immersion of the client.
Step 3.
To guide clients along the route, taking into account their wishes in terms of stops, or small deviations from the mainstream.
To a new kind of business was a success, beforehand do some research on the issue of tourist preferences. The main process will be easier to organize groups and individual travel we arrange, as a separate service in the price.
Guides and certified staff is one of the main components of business success. Choose routes where the Internet connection is at a high level, otherwise the whole point of online services-tourism will be lost.
Oh and don’t forget about the marketing component of the advertising. My site is not a luxury but a requirement, especially for this type of business the online tourism.
Let the pros create resource to display the essence of the operation of the service. Creativity in design will go only in plus and will make the site memorable for any visitor.
3rd place – Website-Kuponator.
Price: 2 000 000.Payback: 4-5 months.
Statistics show that about 40% of the citizens of our country at least 1 times buying coupons for discounts. But is there a possibility the idea of a sale of such coupons to put on the conveyor and make new business?
Let’s look at the issue in detail and figure out how to organize his business in this niche.
Sites-coupons – mediators between sellers and consumers. This kind of business is beneficial to all: the sellers get new clients, consumers discount, and you a percentage of sales.
The average profit per coupon is 20-40%, depending on additional conditions and prestige of the company that engages the services.

The main condition for the development of this form of business presence website. Special attention should be paid to its structure and design, as it is your main weapon in the fight against competitors.
For the operation of the site will require:
domain + hosting;
sync with popular payment systems;
setting of tariffs for services;
fine tuning of the resource.
Yourself to do it all can be an overwhelming task, therefore the best option would be to order a turnkey website. Describe the main requirements of the contractor and at the outlet in 2-3 weeks get ready resource of the highest quality.
Search partners – the second important point in the implementation of the business.
To deal with this case, while waiting for the execution of the order.
Run independently by the points of provision of services and sales of goods – it is exhausting, because you should care about the sales.
A man skillfully pick the staff (3-4 professionals) who will, in a short period of time to notify about new services the majority of trade points of the settlement.
Don’t forget to take the time to search for partners in the network. Business based on the trade via the Internet is not new, because a great many resources. Each of them can become your potential customer.
Website promotion – here will leave the lion’s share of investment.
To customers came to your site, you’ll need to connect to the leading lines of search engines, which is not so easy. Contextual, targeted advertising techniques Seo-optimization – the main list of services that will help to get the online to the top.
To risks of this type of business is attributed the dishonesty of customer service running through your property. Information that serves the users, not always fully correspond to reality.
In the end, the customer remains dissatisfied and the website loses it, due to the inconsistency of the product. Although as the facilitator you simply were a victim of lack of information from the partner.
2 place – the point of release of the goods.

The question price: 300 000.Return business: 3-4 months.
To order goods through the Internet – albeit not entirely new, but rapidly gaining popularity niche business. If 4-5 years ago for the purchase of network looked with caution, now more than 70% of Russians use it on a regular basis.
The question arises as to deliver parcels to the customer within one city. Use the mail – the solution is not the best. While the service will pick up your package and sort it, it may take 2-3 days, although the delivery, under favorable conditions, may take not more than 5-6 hours.
It is here to the rescue should come to your service expedited shipping products.
What will you need for business:

For business registration required, SP (cost – 800 rubles).

A search of the premises.
If the city is large, you may need 2-3 of the point of delivery to optimize the delivery time and increase the whole level of service in General.
Preparation of premises for sanitary and fire inspections.

Purchase the equipment.
Shelving, Desk, new PC and Internet access – the basic set.
If you are planning to provide additional services such as packing and shipping address, you will need personal transport and suitable material for the packing of parcels.

The number depends on the scale of the work. Staff of 3-4 employees at one point of delivery for this type of business will suffice.

Search online stores.
According to statistics, in the big cities from 50 private online stores.
Do some research and contact a greater number of entrepreneurs. We will offer favorable terms and the transaction will be in your pocket!
All the nuances of note in the business plan – it should start working in new projects.
Well, that new business was popular, engaged in its promotion. Partners + network is will make your company one of the leaders of the market of postal services.
Given the steady increase in the number of purchases through the network of the business at the point of sale will be profitable than one year.
1 place – Mobile doctor.

Price: 3 000 000 rubles.Return business: 12-16 months.
Situations when you need to consult a doctor often, especially in areas distant from district centers.
Russia – Russia is a big country and public service are not always able to provide all customers with their attention. In such cases, will support a new kind of service online.
Directions of development of this kind of business:
Via a phone connection
Customer calls to short number, selects from the menu the desired type of service, or directly asks for the consultation of the operator who will listen to and send it to the appropriate specialist.
The technological possibilities today allow for not only audio but also video calls, which significantly expands the possibilities for the diagnosis of the client of the doctor.
Via The Internet
The customer goes to the website and using the special form communicates directly with the doctor.
Combined option business
Communication takes place via the web, but in the case of communication loss the doctor himself calls back to the number specified during registration.
The prices for such services should be considered, starting from the duration of the conversation and the tariffs of the operator. The average price of 600 rubles for 12-14 minutes.

Best move for the business will be issuing passes for the month or year, with the possibility to contact specialist 1 at any time and not limit yourself on time.

The advantages of this business:
the constant demand of business;
convenience for potential patients who do not have free time in connection with the heavy workload;
savings on the rental of premises and other equipment.
The availability of highly qualified specialists is the main condition of success. For promotion and stable operation of the business will need to create a personal website + if you are using support over the phone – short number, convenient for a quick set of patients.
Every month there are new types of businesses. Lots of ideas, but to implement the units reach. If you have a crush entrepreneur and feel a business vein, the development of new horizons in the business that is right for you.

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