Why is Application Monitoring Vital for Your Business

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Businesses worldwide are facing increasing competition in today’s super-fast digital market. To retain a competitive advantage and drive business ROI, organizations have to focus more on their web and mobile applications. Applications are the channels through which end-users interact and engage with your brand, services and products.

According to this amazing post by the web application monitoring experts at Stackify, ensuring smooth application performance and high availability is critical to improving and maintaining great user experience. To achieve this, application monitoring needs to be at the core of your key business practices. Why is application monitoring vital to your business?
Happy Customers Mean Better Business
Having a great looking application is not the end of your work. The real work starts by building a great rapport with your customers and ensuring they’re satisfied with the app experience. If you put the end-user first, who is your customer, they’ll be loyal to your application. What you don’t want is a slow or error-prone site or mobile app.
Most customers will look for an alternative, most likely your competitor, if they’re not satisfied with the performance, usability or availability of your application. Application monitoring helps you check for any performance issues and UI problems that could be affecting user experience. With happy customers, your business will see an improvement in sales and revenue.
Get More Insights Into Customer Experience
When interacting with brick-and-mortar businesses, users or visitors will have certain expectations about the kind of treatment or service they will get. Why should it be any different with online stores or mobile apps? Application monitoring is all about ensuring a great user experience. It’s about knowing what users experience when they visit your site or app.
Recent figures show that loading time alone can affect your bottom line. By understanding site load times, page views, application performance, browser and platform performance and device responsiveness, you can better understand the key metrics that determine how your website and applications are performing.
A Better Understanding of Application Performance  
Just because an application is working fine, doesn’t mean everything is okay. There is always the possibility that key parts of the application are not performing at their optimal level. Most of the business applications today are complex, so it’s important to understand how each individual component and module in the application is performing.

Application monitoring helps you identify any underlying performance and application configuration issues that need to be addressed. Whether you’re a small retail business selling online or a large enterprise dealing with millions of customers, you need optics on your app performance at every level.
Mobile is Revolutionizing Everything
As digital media dominates today’s business environment, mobile has become the centerpiece of changing the way we live, shop and interact with brands. To compete, businesses must focus on a “mobile first” approach. Customers are expecting the same level of performance and availability on mobile devices as they do on their desktops.
While most application monitoring efforts are done in the desktop environment, application monitoring will need to be more mobile-centric. As mobile revolutionizes everything, businesses should consider managing critical applications running on mobile devices and having a more centralized application monitoring process.

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