Torchcity, The Only All-In-One Bulb Smart Home Security Kit

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Making homes smarter shouldn’t be rocket science. At Torchcity smart light bulb, making homes smarter is as simple as installing a light bulb. Its intuitive mobile App allows users to have full control of a suite of smart home features, including a surveillance camera that enables convenient surveillance and remote communication. With its custom settings and built-in intelligence, Torchcity will be able to provide the most appropriate lighting based on the mood setting, balancing the practical and the pleasurable aspects of smart home.
Why Torchcity can make home security simple like never before:
Wifi remote control with mobile App: No need for redundant tablets or devices to control, just one light bulb and your smartphone.
360 HD camera & microphone: monitor and protect your home, let you see every corner of your home.
Dual-communication microphone + speaker: video call with your family wherever you are.
Air / smoke / gas monitors: detect air health and hidden danger with 3 alarm stages.
Motion detector with radar: precisely detect motions and appropriately respond.
Additional life and personalized functions: auto (color) lighting, weather forecasts

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