Childbirth preparation courses: how to organize?

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Young parents in anticipation of the expect not only the most pleasant event in life – the birth of a child, but also anxiety, trouble. Even during pregnancy a woman has many concerns and questions on how to proceed.
Because changing the habitual way of life, you have to physically and mentally prepare for the upcoming birth, to gain knowledge about baby care and so on. You can help dozens of such parents, receiving material benefit. For this we need to organize training courses for childbirth.
And how to do it, and what do you need, this article will tell.
The opening of courses in preparation for childbirth: relevance of ideas

This idea is hardly unique, however, and the relevance of it is not lost. This is due to the improvement of the demographic situation in the country and other attendant factors.
Women taking on the role of motherhood and wanting to get consultancy help before the birth, becomes greater. Many pregnant women, published in the decree, appears free time that they want to pursue for attending any events.
And in the cities, especially small courses free of charge, conducted at hospitals, private medical centers, is simply not enough. The basics getting there, a little to the future mother feel at ease and confident.
Of course, you can get knowledge to prepare for the birth of the network, or the advice of other moms. However, it does not replace the advice of a professional level. Future mothers understand it, so the choice is in favor of commercial so-called “clubs and schools of young mothers”.
There is not “dry” training, useful and relevant information, the opportunity to communicate with like-minded girls. Also provided range of services in antenatal clinics and government programs to support mothers you simply will not find.
Now let’s talk specifically about your component in courses on the preparation of prospective mothers for childbirth. By implementing this business idea, you will do a good deed, even with a monetary reward.
Many women remain without a husband and support you and your staff, they particularly need. It makes the idea of the preparatory courses before childbirth effective in terms of entrepreneurial activity.
This business will allow you to achieve 3 objectives:

A business plan that will begin opening training courses for childbirth

Do not rush to lift up ideas to create a preparatory course for childbirth for expectant mothers. First you have to analyze the market, find out how much such schools opened in your city.
Thanks to the Internet this data you can get from the comfort of home. For example, you can use the directory. One of these is There is no need to register.
Everything is simple and fast. Just visit the portal and search string to make the query “antenatal classes“. Select the city where you wish to assist in the preparation of parents for childbirth, and click “Find“.

You will see a list of available offers. According to our search query Moscow has at least 40 courses in preparation for childbirth. So you know the level of competition.
In addition, it would not hurt to enlist the information about fertility in your area. These statistics are published publicly, so it you get no problems.
According to the latest data of the Russian Public chamber, the high birth rate observed in the Caucasus (Dagestan, Chechnya, etc.), Autonomous districts (Nenets, Khanty-Mansi).
Also in the TOP National ranking are: Tyumen region, Republic of Buryatia, Tuva, Altai. Worse in St. Petersburg, the Tambov and Belgorod regions. Such information will help you answer the question: “is it Advisable to open training courses for childbirth in the city…”.
Further, the business plan is developed according to the scheme:

A sole proprietorship or LLC.
Courses for expectant mothers can be carried out in 2 areas: information (consultation) and medical.
If you intend to advise girls ready to give birth, to arrange swimming classes, fitness training, yoga, etc., it is better to register as an individual entrepreneur. Below we consider in more detail how is this procedure.
In the second case you’ll need the license for implementation of medical activities. Then you need to open an LLC.
Rent a room and its arrangement.
Purchase of the necessary equipment.
The creation of original methods of interaction with customers.
The selection of personnel.
Positioning and promotion of services.
Opening training courses for expectant moms for childbirth.
Devote each paragraph section.
No. 1. Registration of sole trader – the first step to open courses for pregnant women.
The procedure is not time consuming. Become the individual you can use the Registrar or independently.

The problem is solved in the tax office. Some citizens have resorted to the online method. To do this, all the documents assure the EDS (electronic digital signature) and use the official portal FNS (
First and foremost, you need to notify the state about in what direction will open IE. To do this, select code NACE. To create training courses for the ladies to leave, you can choose 93.04.

Then prepared a statement, which indicates this code. It can be basic, you wish, you can choose additional.
It looks like the sample form Р21001:

The signature of the document is performed in the presence of a notary/tax inspector. It is obligatory payment of the state duty (RUB 800). These actions are made with details of the form of the receipt of the registration authority. You can obtain the tax.
Next you need to determine taxation. Often choose the simplified tax system (simplified system). To switch to this mode, during the month you submit the corresponding application.
The registering body should also be provided pre-assembled package of documents, namely:

After filing registration of courses for training pregnant women for childbirth, as entrepreneurial activities will be held for 3 days. At the appointed time will come.

From 2017, the issuance of a certificate of state registration of IE is not issued. So you will get other papers.

No. 2. Renting and equipping premises for conducting training courses for parents for childbirth.
To run courses need to rent suitable premises.
You can consider the option of one or two rooms. If a person has 5-6 sq. m., the area should be about 70 sq. m. Then you will be able to recruit a group of 12-14 people.
The more square the room, the more opportunities you will provide to the participants. Because pregnant women may wish to attend your courses with their spouses. Then more space will be required.
On the area is uncertain. It is preferable to rent a property in the city centre, suited to large, densely populated area. Usually the lack of training pregnant women for childbirth observed in the periphery.
Girls who are expecting a child, it should be convenient to reach. So do not rent a property somewhere on the edge of town.
The premise put forward the following requirement:
good lighting;
ventilation and split systems;
carpeting (floor covering must be carpet, but you should give the floor a not aesthetics, and practicality).

It is recommended to use a tube, which comes in the form of slabs, rolls.
It is beneficial to use, absorbs noise, does not rot, is not susceptible to damage by rodents, durable.
Also, cork is hypoallergenic, does not attract dust, natural and environmentally friendly, which is very important for young ladies ready to give birth.

Not obveshivanie wall of advertising posters and brochures, they will alienate customers and cause Association with the medical center. Keep in mind that the atmosphere plays an important role, so you will need to focus its resources in that direction.

Now about the price issue.
Exact figures are impossible. Because it affects many aspects: location, condition of the object, its area, the decision of the owner. On average, 100 sq. m in new buildings of Moscow region can cost 500-700 dollars. (30-50 thousand).
No. 3. Purchase of the necessary equipment for organizing training courses for childbirth.
At this stage you buy, courses to prepare future mothers for childbirth to fail. If the room will not have the required furniture (upholstered sofas or chairs and tables), they will need to buy.
The list of items of equipment depends on the specifics of courses, their content. Purchase travel mats (mats), flipchart and crayons for records, stationery.
In addition to these things, you must have a PC and a projector, allowing you to present material moms ready to give birth.
Scanner, printer and other peripherals are also needed, as well as audio.
If physical training is included in training courses for mothers on maternity leave, take care of the presence of balls, exercise ball, etc sports equipment. Practical classes require dolls, diapers, etc.
What to buy? Number what time I should?
Total: 60 000
Furniture courses -30 000
Mats (mats) 15
The office -1 500
PC + projector 115 000
Office equipment – 10 000
Gymnastic equipment -1 500
Doll 151 200
Diaper 30800
No. 4. A method for customer interaction for the course.
The methodology of the courses must be original. It is the Foundation of your business. It is not necessary to copy the style of the courses of preparation for childbirth from your competitors. Partly you can to learn something, but not completely.
You must possess competitive advantages. Visit couple of clubs moms-to-be to understand what are their advantages and disadvantages, do the conclusions for themselves.
Courses normally take place in 2 parts:

The first is training of a medical nature.
At this stage lectures with demonstration materials.

The second part is psychological.
Here are: counseling, testing, art therapy, etc.
In training pregnant women for childbirth better to include 8-10 sessions. Between classes take a break of 10-15 min. In the same group gain so many members, not one to miss.
You can offer participants in courses aimed at preparation for childbirth:
yoga, relaxation;
breathing exercises;
training in the pool, etc.
For the pool of women who will be in labor, do not have to rent a large room and produce expenses on the equipment of an artificial pond. To include in training for the baby pool is possible through cooperation with fitness centres where this service is available with professional instructors.
If the starting capital will allow, increase the range of services provided. For example, training courses for young women preparing for childbirth, can be supplemented by delivery to the clinic tests, supplies for building breast milk (for ladies who stopped lactation, this service will be relevant).
Training materials podkorrektirovatj the people you will hire for the job.
But at first, the courses need to cover the following issues:
changes in women during pregnancy;
psychological characteristics of the period;
the emergence of childbirth pain and its suppression;
nutrition during pregnancy and lactation;
care for the newborn.
Here is an example of one of the programs of the course:

Clients do not need to stuff one theory should be practice. Let your training pregnant women for childbirth will be interesting, at ease and useful.
No. 5. Selection of personnel for the organization of courses in preparation for childbirth.
Recruitment is also an important part of your future business activities. To courses on preparation for childbirth proved properly, you need to hire highly skilled workers.
You will need:
Specialistcall-in (persons) Salary (RUB./HR.)
The total cost of the payment of s/n you will find in the last section.
Psychologists (perhaps perinatal)1 300
Instructors физподготовки2250
Health care providers specializing in breast вскармливании1250
All the representatives of these professions should experience in special education (diploma) and preferably their own children.
Women usually have more confidence and feel when they are serving a female. If possible, to conduct training courses for mothers to leave hire as workers of the fairer sex.
Still need the administrator, on whom lies the task of the calling customers, recording, scheduling, and agreements with experts, consultants, etc. If you have enough time, you can these responsibilities to take on.
No. 6. Positioning and promotion of services: advertising the courses prepare women for childbirth.
Finding the best ways of promoting and positioning pay special attention. You can use traditional options – print edition. To post ads you need not in the usual Newspapers, and specialized journals that come in large quantities.
But it’s not the most efficient way. Would be more effective outdoor advertising. Moreover, from the placement will depend on its effectiveness. Information about your course preparing women for childbirth, contact info is better placed in the shops of children’s clothes, public transport.
Do not take money for printing business cards, calendars with advertising of your business.
Clients may involve the creation of a site on the Internet. This is the most common and effective method. It will display the course outline, image gallery, etc. information. You can create either yourself (through constructors), or to seek the assistance of programmers.
The second option is expensive, but reliable and more acceptable. On the web-site needs to be a page with customer feedback.
In addition to the website, you can use other types of online advertising in the promotion of courses designed for women expecting motherhood.
Moms who have to prepare for childbirth, usually trust the recommendations of their friends. Therefore, the launch of “word of mouth” does not hurt.
Cost and income side of the birthing class
The most exciting questions are: “What are the costs involve courses in preparation for childbirth? What profit the business will bring?”.
Let’s start with the pleasant. The cost of courses may vary in different ways.
Prices are different – from 5 to 25 thousand rubles. But too overprice for the preparation of women for childbirth should not be. So your customer base will never be large.
The profitability of with one visit starts from 2 thousand rubles.
If you have to take a subscription for the entire course of preparation for childbirth (8 sessions), we assume 10 girls (and the cost is 3 thousand rubles), the cashier will go: 3*8*10= 240 thousand rubles.
To calculate PE (net profit), we need to subtract the costs of maintaining the business activities.
These include:
wages (from 14 thousand rbl.);
the cost of advertising (from 10 thousand rubles), etc.
If you take the average figure of 80 thousand rubles, the incident will be 160 thousand.
We now turn to the initial cost (average) needed to open courses on preparation for childbirth:
Rent – 40 thousand rubles.

Payout W/p.
The administrator usually receives 7 thousand RUB Hourly other personnel is 250-350 RUB.
If you are working in the state in addition to administrator 6 people, and courses are 8 sessions, each of which you will pay the mentioned amount, will be: 8*300*6 = 14,4 thousand.
Modular ads – 10-12 thousand.
Website creation -15-20 thousand.
The purchase of equipment or rent from 60-70 thousand.
I.e. to organize training courses for pregnant women for childbirth you need at least 200 thousand RUB. In our time it is not so much to generate business with fast ROI.

The personal experiences of the mothers attending courses — an ideal field for
identify customer needs and competitor analysis.
One of the comments in the video below:

Conclusions about courses on preparation for childbirth
Analysts claim that the demand for training courses for childbirth will increase. The proposals that exist today, not enough to satisfy him.
When you’ll develop your own techniques and you open a business, do not forget about its development. Do not lose the conquered positions allow the expansion of the list of services. You should always be a step ahead from the competitors.
Try to provide feedback to participating in courses on preparation for childbirth, conduct surveys on what they like/don’t like that it is better to change or add.
Analyze the quality of work of their staff, listen to the advice of experienced people. And just take care of each client. Development courses will allow you to not only get a lot of positive feedback, but to attract many customers, to increase the level of income.
Childbirth preparation courses will be for you a good option of business activities, which will benefit young parents. Over time, your school will become a family club.

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