Faraday Pocket and Ultility Pouch Blocks Identity Theft

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Faraday Pocket and Ultility Pouch blocks all RFID cell signals, wifi, bluetooth, GPS, mic and camera interception to protect people from identity theft. Inspired by the Faraday Bags used by Military Special Forces to transport critical documents and information, the RFID Faraday Pocket Carry & Utility Pouch by BLACKOUT SPEC are all you need to effectively go off the grid.
The Pocket Carry had to not only block all communication signals to and from your device, it also had to be sexy enough to bring everywhere.  The RFID Faraday Pocket Carry by BLACKOUT SPEC is perfect for when you are traveling or just want an organizer for all your essentials. On the left hand side there are two RFID pockets for passports and wallets. On the right hand side, there is a larger stash pocket and a magnetic faraday compartment that is large enough to hold up to three iPhone 7+ phones.

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